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Discount on Gigabyte Gaming Laptops June 2020 

Discount on Gigabyte Gaming Laptops June 2020. Get The new best gaming laptop with a discount on Gigabyte gaming laptops. The Gigabyte AERO 15 and AERO 17. thin bezels and powerful laptops with graphic cards. 1. Gigabyte AERO 15 The Gigabyte AERO 15 is one…

WWDC 2020
WWDC 2020 Keynote: iOS 14, iPadOS, WatchOS, tvOS, MacOS 

WWDC 2020 Keynote. WWWDC 2020 is the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Congress for developers and Apple engineers. Apple 2020 is organized for June, but for the first time, This will be an event online also. WWDC 2020 was held to be digital for Apple because of the ongoing outbreak of coronaviruses COVID-19. iOS 14 – WWDC 2020 Keynote Together with iphones the iOS is central to how we navigate our lives and stay…

Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019 – Which one is best?
Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019
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Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019 – Which one is best? 

Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019 Comparison.

Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019. Here we are going to compare both the Dell XPS 13 2020 and Dell XPS 13 2019 to let you decide which one is best.

This week Dell announced the updated Dell XPS 13 2020 at CES to enhance its already fantastic predecessor.


Almost all of the XPS 13 construction seems to be slightly wider in 2020, ranging from the display to the keyboard. This is 2% thinner despite the laptop itself. The alterations are subtle but the narrow lime is a bit refined to the 2020 model than to its predecessor for 2019.

The monitor becomes bigger and extends from a 13.3-inch display to 13.4-inch minutes bigger The display looks a little bit more spacious with blogs and social media. It moves the appearance ratio from 16:9 to 16:10.

Also on the bottom of the screen is a thinner bezel for the newest Dell XPS 13. The smaller chin enables the laptop to display InfinityEdge on all four ends, added to the laptop’s sleek style and caused the model in 2019 to look a little outdated.

Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019
Dell XPS 13 2020 vs Dell XPS 13 2019


The 2020 portable keyboard is indeed larger. The controls range from beginning to end to make larger keys less difficult to click and improve consumer texting. A corresponding path boost has also been offered, allowing users to swipe and tap for the navigation of the laptop somewhat more room.

This means that you will have a significantly better typing experience, but certainly a welcome one, with the Dell XPS 13 2020.


Unfortunately, with this upgrade, the 2020 model is packed with that same processor as its recent one and will never see any significant performance improvements.

In other words, with the up to date Intel 10th Gen processing unit, the 2019 XPS was definitely no longer as powerful as necessary to keep the XPS 13 a year ahead of its competitors in 2020.

Price Difference

  • The initial price is $1,554 Dollars for the Dell XPS 13 2020.

The 2019 model has a starting price of $1110.05 in comparison, but the variants are kitted with a less powerful processor.

If you are trying to search an incredible laptop with its predecessor’s power to flash a little extra cash for the newest model, you may choose to use the 2020 model with all sorts of elements and an outstanding zero-bezel display.

However, if you do have the Dell XPS 13 2019, then there isn’t enough upgrade here.

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