Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Review Hands-on Review

From the inside, it’s just a normal old laptop as you look at Lenovo ThinkBook Plus. It’s a large notebook, because it tends to be ThinkBooks by the business, but it’s an E ink display in a deck that makes this PC special.

I know what you thought. I know how you think. You wonder why on your desktop you would ever have an E Ink display Well that’s a step towards, because you are like me and are obviously looking for the one device that does all that.

Although you can not actually open your accounts, you can check your emails and calendar simultaneously. It is not, of course what it is meant for. So you can totally turn it function off for the privacy-minded people who are concerned.

You can also read and review PDFs and note them without sucking down the life of the battery. This device displays Amazon Kindle software, which is now accessible via Lenovo’s PC app but not the touch-centered Windows 10 program that I dreamed of. This app is the one that is currently available in the Windows 10 framework.

You should take notes, indeed. And yes. Honestly, that’s what excited me because, with a pad, I still take handwritten notes. It syncs instantly with OneNote. That makes it so much better.

It is because Lenov earlier did the same thing with Yoga Book C930, that this functionality sounds interesting. In fact, this computer has an E Ink monitor as a screen, so you had to tap on a flat area conveniently. In reality, you get a complete laptop with the ThinkBook Plus, but the extra E Ink monitor on the outside.

Awesome is also that the ThinkBook Plus launches at just 1199 $because when it’s released in March, I’ll look forward more to reviewing it.